About Us

  Designers MIN and Yu graduated from Hangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in 2012, established Natavlon design studio in 2018, and established the brand website Natavlon.com of the same name in 2020

  Natavlon is a romantic brand full of artistic sense. Since its establishment, it has successively released representative series of living products, decorations, and clothing, which perfectly integrates romance and fashion, and provides customers with perfect choices.
 Natavlon recruits talents and gathers elites. In the unpredictable international business trend, it is always full of passion and vitality. Strict management, excellent service, and strong advertising efforts make Natavlon a favorite brand of consumers.

   The main product style of Natavlon in the second half of 2021 is Christmas style, including Christmas Decoration, Christmas clothes, etc.

   Natavlon explores all the beauty related to life and is a life corridor where you can discover your own personality. The space where all the unnecessary things are deleted, the design that can experience the natural light that is not subject to the passage of time, the soft color attire that can feel the changing of the seasons, are all single products that express beautiful imagination and time.

   Create true and lasting value for customers, create development opportunities for employees, and become an influential and well-loved brand in the world